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        About Game ?

Hero's Journey was to be game like skyrim with story of prince who would find out about himself on end game in fantasy world with home war  , In this build we can only journey on incomplete west land of full map. This game was developed  by only one person , but on protototype help many persons on my discord server . To made this game I use: paint , blender, gimp and unity

                                                  Why I stop update my project ?

It is my last build of my second game which I started create in 2018 march and end develop in 2019  July . Working on this project I learned use Blender 3D  and more C# programming in Unity. I don t give me chalange ,, I must finish this project and sell this on steam'' ,only for  , but after many mounths developing this game ,I have got slow PC , my scene in unity worked very slow to finish project and I make decision about serious  seek to work in gamedev as 3D artist after school .To make better arts , I must end update my rpg project , because I can t add better 3d model to poor game , because game can look in this way like rubish

For now 

I work on one small comercial project ,,Party At The River'', I made 2 small gamejam games  and  I help small indie group from north Poland in Zombie game to make better my portfolio 

How looks my 3d models ? : https://www.artstation.com/emiliohawrylak :D

My game jam projects: 

SLIMEON https://thelaw1337.itch.io/slime-on

Make Rules Great Again: United Nations Voting Simulator https://pindwin.itch.io/make-rules-great-again



hj build.zip 78 MB

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